Our Vision

How we deliver:

‘Construction Excellence’

Vision & Philosophy

J McMahon ltd is committed to the philosophy of completing projects on time, within budget and to the highest possible standards.


Through our skilled project management teams, we ensure quality standards exceed specification requirements, while monitoring cost control throughout the project. At the forefront of our quality philosophy lie’s continuous improvement and our dedication to sustainability in construction.

J MCMAHON LTD management have the planning skills and experience to programme projects in a realistic and professional manner.

We understand the importance of ensuring that the projects critical path is clearly identified, mapped, understood, communicated and adhered to.

We have a core of key tradesmen who have worked with us for a number of years. We understand that the lynch pin of successful building sites is a determined and competent foreman and we build our teams around such individuals.

Long standing relationships with first class specialist sub contractors enable us to turn around most commercial projects under £5m and all types of residential building projects regardless of scale or complexity. It also enables us to maintain a cost effective and flexible capability.

The tools we use to implement our plans are weekly management meetings to assess progress on each site.

These involve the analysis of progress on each and every site, with a submission of actual and forecast labour and materials plans by all site managers which are reviewed with JML senior management. Programmes are amended if required and additional resources are allocated if necessary to ensure adherence to the programme.

We engage with clients and accommodate their requirements via regular updates and site meetings.

Our management structure involves experienced site managers being overseen by an area manager, who is in turn supervised by an operations manager, reporting to the M.D.

We motivate our managers and staff with a bonus system based on achieving quality projects on time and to budget.